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Dark Spud Weekly Comic Strip:


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What we're all about.

Comics, Comics, and more Comics! Our Online Comic Books, are all viewable online for FREE. Our site also features Comic Art, and everything Comic related.

We'll be posting a great deal of Art and Comics on Terrible Lizard, on an ongoing basis.

If you'd like to submit your Artwork or Comicbooks to Terrible Lizard Comics, click here for some basic submission guidelines.

Our Mission is to change the Comic Book Industry, and to breath new life into this marvelous Comicbook medium. If you'd like to find out how, click the RED BUTTON on this page. IF YOU DARE!

Updates: Latest Art and Comic book uploads.

DarkSpud Issue 1 - Explore the hilarious antics of the worlds first crime fighting... not so super potato, and his sidekick Small Fry.

Click here to read the comic.

DarkSpud Issue 2 Page #4 is now available.

In this issue DarkSpud battles the Brotherhood of Dangerous Ingredients. Guest starring Armin' Hammer, Nectarine, and Jarfish.

Click here to view.

Tales From Ground Zero Issue 1 - Anthology, featuring work by Phil Hester, Jim Lee, Steve Lightle, Clarke Hawbaker, and more! Also featuring the very first Darkspud story ever conceived.

Click here to read the comic.

Steel Angel Issue 1 -By Fredd Gorham. Steel Angel is the story of Celia Westcott, a high fashion model, with hopes of making it in the world of tomorrow. Making use of a mysterious prototype suit, Celia astounds the world as the beautiful "Woman in Chrome."

Click here to read the comic.

Starchy the DarkSpud: A Brief History.

Click here to view.


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